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I’ve been naughty; looking down, I’ve thought of it for a week now: of us, naked, making love on the carpet. Do you think I’m crazy?”Helen did not wait for an answer. She pulled the suit’s jacket over her head and threw it on top of my clothes. Facing me, she undid the clasp on her pants and let it slide to the floor. For a long moment, Helen stood still, inviting me to look at the firm globes of her breasts, the stiff nipples above the softness of her belly, and the tempting of her auburn bush.Helen’s beauty had a sensual glow that rendered me breathless. Then she stepped out of the pants around her ankles, bent down and threw them to the other discards. She knelt, reached out her arms beckoning me to join her on the carpet.As I slid to the floor, I reached for Helen to draw her into a loving embrace, but Helen was in a feverish hurry in throwing herself at me. She must have remembered the pledge she offered last Thursday, that she would fuck as hungrily and wildly as she had. So she ignored him as if she didn’t know he was there. She wasn't even sure if he saw her as the pool was over a hundred feet from where she was standing. Her eyes were taking in the beautifully illuminated skyline, but her mind was on Jeray in the pool. Why was he naked at night and why wasn't he naked in the morning? She wasn't sure. But now, she would wait until he left and then she'd return to her condo and figure out another plan to talk with him.Slowly, Lisa began to relax. It had been another ten minutes, and she heard no noises. She figured that Jeray must be gone and so she stood there considering how excited the talk of him naked in the pool had made her, and how worried she had been about coming across him in that state. She didn't know how she'd react. As she calmed down, she finally began to enjoy the stars and the night in general.“I know why Megan and her friend were here. But, why are you here? I mean, the only thing I can think of is that you wanted to see me. But,.


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