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I found in my favourite magazines the paper was worn and discoloured a little more on the pages with the pictures that had turned me on. I can only assume that these drew the same attention of other readers, I confirmed this by using my hubby as a test. In fact it was a real turn on to know that even strong builders had been cock-in-hand wanking whilst looking at the same images and poses that I had been copying. I had many a bath that week with the magazines and a hot and strong shower head rammed to my aching pussy. 2 days before the shoot was to take place I ran another bath then carefully positioned two mirrors so I could sit in the bath comfortably and part my legs, I slowly shaved around my ass-hole and pussy. It took me at least 25 minutes, by the end I was so turned on I needed the pulse of the shower head again. Afterwards I again tried my 6 poses I was a little embarrassed by the results, as I just looked ripe for a fucking and I knew that I was looking really hot. Walking. I kissed it all over including his fat balls! Then I put my lipsaround the head of his cock tasting my first dick. I liked it! He told me to move my mouth further down and to move my head up and down on it. I told him my mouth was dry and his reply was that as I suck that juices would ooze out of his cock. I wanted to make his dick feel good- to make him happy and want to let me suck his dick again so I did as I was told. I moved my head up and down and licked under his cock head asI did so. I tasted a slightly salty liquid and I stopped sucking and asked him if he came. He said that it was his sex juice and it meant that I was sucking him good. He said that I would Know when he came and he chuckled. I continued to suck him and his juices kept flowing . Then he started to talk about some of the older teenage girls in our neighborhood and how he would let them suck him and who he wanted to fuck and his dick got even harder and he kind of pushed it more inmy mouth and I tasted a salty.


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