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As he passed Carol's desk, she hung up the phone and signaled for him to come to her desk."Where are you headed, Missy." is secretary inquired."To the mall." was Bob's reply, not wanting to share the embarrassing details of his intended purchase."Be a sweetie and pick up a couple of things for me while you are out." Carol replied. "My time of the month started this morning and I only had 1 pad. Please stop by the drugstore and pick up some tampons and mini-pads for me. I use Tampax super tampons and Always panty-liners. While you are at it, also pick up a box of Kotex maxi-pads - the ones with the little wings."Bob could only shake his head as he left the office, dreading the embarrassment that was sure to come during his lunch errands. He made a tactical error in deciding to delay the feminine hygiene purchases until after visiting the mall. While it was easy to purchase a women's wallet at the mall, after transferring everything from his old wallet into the new one at the mall he. His heart was pounding away like a trip hammer. Blood was pouring freely from his nose and his vision was growing red. The capillaries in both of his eyes had ruptured and the irises were ringed with dark red. The man in black’s voice was like a shout from across a canyon, a muffled echo lost in the vastness of his pain. ‘I used to entertain the idea that I understood people like you. I even convinced myself that maybe I knew why you turned out the way you do.’ He said, and then paused as if in deep reflection. ‘But I don’t. I just don’t. Nothing like this makes sense to me.’ Suddenly he grabbed the fat man by the shoulders and shook him. The fat man lurched upright and found himself staring into his captor’s eyes. Through the veil of blood and sweat clouding his vision, the fat man could see that the man in black was crying. A creeping horror overtook the fat man. Any faint hope if living through his ordeal faded away. The man in black wasn’t only crazy, he was hurt. ‘Tell me why.


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