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Her hands a blur, that didn’t know where to come to rest first.I came when she latched onto my clit, sucked hard and pushed two fingers inside my cunt. I never knew I had it in me but I drenched her face with my fluids as my orgasm took over.Emily couldn’t wait to suck up my juices. She also couldn’t wait to crawl up the bed and share them with me. I know full well that I wanted to share everything with Emily that I possibly could, and this was no exception.We ended up giggling as we shared the rewards of our early afternoon sexual frenzy. When Emily joined me, we just lay in each other’s arms and kissed; passionately at first, but our kisses became tender as the energy wore off.Laying there caressing each other’s bodies was divine. Simply divine. We spent ages touching, feeling, kissing, exploring. Slowly we pushed each other towards the next sexual maelstrom; our bodies turned on and excited with every kiss and touch of every finger. It was I that started it by sliding a finger. ‘JA-AY!’ Nicki all but screams his name as she feels herself hit a wall of pleasure! That wall becomes a wave that rises, unending, taking Nicki with it for the ride of her life! As Jay stops licking her, he continues using his fingers. ‘Cum for me Nicki! You know you want it! Let go! CUM!’ Hearing Jay’s words, feeling his fingers pump her as her juices spill forth, aching with desire, it’s all too much. Crying out, ‘OH GOD! JA-AY, I’M CUM-M-MING!’ Nicki’s body erupts in an explosion of heat and wet as Jay returns his tongue to her clit and licks her for all he’s worth, pushing her deeper and deeper into orgasm after orgasm. His fingers, his whole hand, is quickly drenched with Nicki’s juices. Knowing she’s more than ready, Jay rises and pulls himself up Nicki’s writhing body. His fingers still pulling more pleasure from her, Jay waits till he’s in position before removing them. Slowly sliding them out, Jay takes hold of his engorged cock and places the head against Nicki’s opening..


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