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A hot married Priya Auntie is having an affair with a very elder person who happens to live on the same street as hers and as her husband is a very busy man and some time for her she starts having an affair with the old man.

Soon the old uncle and Priya Auntie get more close and one day the auntie invites the old man over to her house when her husband has gone away for a week for some business meeting. The old man comes over in an hour.

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The old man starts flirting and touching the auntie as soon as he comes over and the auntie starts removing her clothes to give him easy access to her naked body parts. He starts pressing and licking her boobs and the auntie takes off her blouse and lets hi suck on her nipples as she starts removing her petty coat and gets naked.

The uncle soon gets to her lower body and starts rubbing her pussy and spreads her pussy lips to stroke her clit and then gets on top of her and places his cock on her vagina and starts fucking her in missionary sex style and the auntie moans in pleasure as she had not had sex in a while and the uncle starts fucking her hard until both of them cum and then lies on top of her after they both have orgasm-ed.

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