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. "Thats OK. CARLOS I said,,, Thats OK''. The beautiful sunset had turned into A lovely big moon by the time I was awakened. I looked at the clock on the radio It was 8:38 pm , I had slept for A little over 2 hours. CARLOS had a big stretch of land that he had trails running up and down all around it. And he would do his routes randomly. He claims he was passing by and saw me lying there, so he stopped to check on me , which I think was very sweet. With the big moonlight and my very dim patio lights , I do believe he could've seen me from a distance which was about 50 yards. But then,, I wonder how long had he been standing there checking me out, I wasn't worried about my wig , I make sure thats always secure. My cock is tigthly tucked under my kotex, which was very tuckt' when I woke. I'm sorry Miss REBECCA maybe I panic'd!! , "He said",,... No No No CARLOS It's alright , "I replied". 'I think that was nice of you', "I told him". Then he. " He sneered at the last part of his sentence."Die." Arihah spoke the word and ran his sword through Stuart's chest.No he killed Sarah! He must pay! he must suffer! he must DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Silence!Arihah retracted his sword and watched as purple ooze fell from the wound, then it stopped and the wound began hissing. The wound closed and a smirking Zareas looked at Arihah."Your brother and I are connected," he said closing his eyes, "he is mostly gone now. In minutes he will be gone forever."Zareas didn't say more, he attacked Arihah. Arihah met the attack with renewed vigor and watched as sparks rose as the swords collided. The swords pulsed with the incredible amounts of power emanating from Arihah and Zareas.Arihah pushed his sword out, knocking Zareas back.That immense power that was rushing through my body has stopped; I wonder where it came from. Either way, my body is back to normal, all that is left is to kill him.Arihah moved so fast Zareas had no time to guard against the knee.


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