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" I'll think about it," and he left.Two months later I gave birth to healthy boys. They were definatly Jerome's.It had been six weeks since I gave birth to the twins, I was horny.I called Jerome, "Hello." Hi, it's Dani." Whats happening?" Not much, I gave birth to twin boys six weeks ago." Congratulations, Are they healthy?" Yes they are," I told him."That's good." I want you to see them." I'll have to see." Okay I'll be around."Jerome sounded like he was not interested in seeing if the boys were black. Jerome never showed much emotion about anything. I held hope that he would want to fuck me again.I kept my attire to a minimum at home. Panties and a T-shirt for the boy's at feeding time.Two weeks after calling Jerome I was sitting home on a Friday night, after putting the boys to bed. I was crying over a coke about to admit that it was over, Jerome wanted nothing to do with me.There was a knock on the door, scaring me. I wiped my eyes before I answered the door. When I opened the. Within minutes the girls were rubbing lotion onto their young bodies, and my cock again returned to semi-erect. Shooting the Claire rubbing lotion into Sharon’s back while both girls sat up was somewhat arousing, and suddenly Claire’s hands were inside the triangles of her blonde friend’s bikini. This carried on for perhaps 2 or 3 minutes before Sharon commented that her bikini would soon be see-through.When Claire asked why, Sharon returned “Because you’re making me horny again stupid” “I rubbed myself off in the car, that’s why I took so long” “You should have asked Gary, I’m sure he would have done it for you” Claire laughed teasingly, “he’s been staring at your tits all day” she continued before pulling the bikini top up and over Sharon’s large tits exposing large dark areolas and inch long nipples. Her large tits moved slightly without drooping, and I approached the girls cautiously. “Don’t take pictures of this” Sharon told me, but let me continue towards them. “I want his.


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