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He had gotten a football scholarship to Boston College (BC) and had come to love New England, especially when he had met his, wife to be, Michelle, who was studying physiotherapy at the same college. They had now been married 25 years and had a daughter Abby, 22, currently at BC and a son Arron, 20, who worked alongside Lenny in his construction business. Lenny had gotten lucky when his parents had been offered a huge sum of money to sell some of their land for development and they had given him enough to set up his own company from where he had tapped into the world of high end home renovations and construction to Boston’s elite and become wealthy enough to now have moved into his own bespoke built home complete with pool house, the only one in Maple Grove. All the Jacksons were tall athletic, and certainly considered attractive, people with both Lenny and Arron standing well over 6 feet tall with Michelle and Abbey both being 5 feet 10. All four of them were now busying themselves,. “I don’t know … But I knew when I accepted your invitation to come here that most of this trip wouldn’t be about the work … and dammit, it seems like all the great sex is now going to be something less than fond memories because of this emotional shit,” she said with a confident tone. “You know what, Don … fuck that! I’m not leaving Houston feeling like this was a mistake. I won’t feel guilty for any of this. I have no reason to feel guilty for this. I have a husband waiting for me at home excited to hear about my trip – approving of the whole thing – in fact, I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for how much he wanted me to explore my fantasies and desires,” she continued as she paced around the hotel room, working herself up into a ranting lather. Don sat silently for a moment, not knowing where she was going with her statements, but he knew better than to interrupt. He shifted from his spot at the side of the desk to the chair, trying to show a more accepting understanding of.


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