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”“We’ll help you, honey,” Wendy assured her.“Security will remain here overnight so there is no looting.”Tina moved to lean against a large maple tree and watch the firemen at work. With Major now safe at her side, the reality of her life-altering situation finally set in and she began to weep. Dan went to her and she cried hard against his comforting embrace and then the arms of Karen and Wendy.“I don’t know where to even begin. Everything is gone! I think my car has been damaged by the fire. It’ll take months for my place to be rebuilt but it won’t feel the same moving back in.”“Tina my love, you can stay with us while your house is being rebuilt,” Karen offered.“I wouldn’t want to impose on you, Dan, Wendy and your kids, especially with new babies on the way.”“Honey, you spend so many nights in bed with us now, you’re already a part of us. We love you. You do have several changes of clothes at home with us,” Wendy comforted.“We can shop for a new queen-sized bed tomorrow to go. I pressed slightly hard and must have kept my hand there for a couple of minutes, fully expecting either to be told to move it, or for her to remove it herself. Then, I felt her moving her leg closer to me, on glancing down, I saw that she had spread her legs slightly and I could clearly see the triangle of lace between her thighs.I was in totally unchartered waters here, but was pretty sure I could blame anything on the amount of wine we had both had. I slid my hand over slightly with my little finger grazing the front of her knickers. Again, she made no effort to stop me. I started to rub very gently and she stopped talking. I could see that her breathing had got a bit heavier and her eyelids were gently closing. I started to exert more pressure and eventually eased my whole hand over and could feel her wetness clearly on my fingers. I was so nervous I was trembling. Both my mums' hands were resting on the table, almost bracing herself. Her eyes were now closed and she was gently.


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