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”“Ah.” He turned and gestured. “This is my wife. The boy is our son. He is four summers in age.”John encouraged them. “You must be cold from that water. Come up to the fire and get warm again.”“You can guarantee our safety, Chief?”“I do. You are safe with us. What is your boy’s name? He was terrified when my girls dragged him out of the stream. He probably thought he was dead, but his squeals said otherwise!”“He is called Tompa, named after my late father.”“And you, sir?”“I am Tarka, and my wife is Belory. She is of the Farfarers tribe, and I am of the Talltree tribe We were living with the Talltree tribe until the other day. What tribe are you Chief of?”“John’s Tribe, and I am John, the Chief. We are small at the moment, but we are a powerful tribe.”They arrived at the cave entrance, where Numa was cuddling the boy, still wrapped in furs. He was keening plaintively, “I want my Daddy! I want my Mummy!”“Tompa! My son!” exclaimed Tarka. “Give him to me!” he ordered the strange woman.She. So this is what a black woman is like, thought Sister Divine. So wondrous and varied are the Lord’s creation! Like Sister Divine, Sister Love, as this black nun was known, had been a software engineer before she chose the Way and the Path of the Lord. Her own Damascene conversion that persuaded her to make such a step was brought about when she reflected on the trivial nature of her professional work and how the fruit of her labour was costing others the wages of the labour it replaced. Consequently, like Sister Divine, she too was chosen by the Mother Superior to work on the convent’s Website together with Sister Divine and Sister Litany in the convent’s office. Sister Divine and Sister Litany rarely spoke to each other during the day. Her colleague was a plump woman with a face much like a bulldog and with harsh, nobbled hands. Never would Sister Divine have ever been tempted from the Word of the Lord by her colleague’s charms, although she did her best to hide her distaste for.


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