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Being a "stay-at-home mom", I have gotten extremelybored. So, I've studied Maddy - She is 5'7" tall, with firm, C-cupbreasts. Her long brown hair runs down her cute face, she's in goodshape, and frankly, I don't see what she hated so much about herself.Today, I'm gonna try to get my old body back. "New Joe" is asleep inthe next room. I say the words: "Hylajo, Metroim, Xenthia!" There is aflash of light, and I feel weightless for a second, and then I open myeyes. I am lying face-up on a bed. I feel nothing for a second, then Ibecome aware of the weight (much heavier now) on my chest and the lackof warmth between my legs. Shit.I sat up. Looking to my left, I saw Charlie. Looking down, I was stillMaddy. I stared through the door to the other room where Maddy SHOULDbe, and saw nothing. WHERE THE HELL WAS MY BODY?! Then, I felt pressureon my chest. Looking down once again, I saw my breasts had grown from aC-cup to a DD-cup, and my bra was ripping. I sprung from the bed andran to grab the. After about an hour of drinking, my wife’s friend started to get rowdy, and someone dared her to show her tit’s,she said” I will if she will” elbowing my wife! Of course course all the men and some women started the “Show your tits” chant. Now my wife though she is 50ish has a prime set of 44DD tits ! The crowd continued to chant and after about two minutes the hands were under the blouse and bras, and there were two rime sets of tits bared to the bar ! All the men and women hooted and jeered, and the woman sitting next to me hollered to my wife,”will you be my girlfriend?” “My wife in her drunken state said, ‘sure’.I asked her you like that? “Sure, what is there not to like!”Knowing our car was back in the parking lot, I thought I’d try and stir something up. I turned to the woman, who was sitting next to me,she was about 5’6” blond hair in ponytails, fair set of tits, and about 5’6.My wife is about 5’7 and 250.I asked the woman were you serious about my wife? “Hell yea!” I told her.


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