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I drew it back and forth rapidly, causing her hips to move with me. I opened my mouth fully, my lips brushing hers as my tongue moved up and down rapidly across her clit. She pulled me hard, trying to get more pressure. ‘Ahhh… .oh… .don’t stop… .oh God… .oh… .don’t move don’t move… don’t stop… .oh… uh… .ahh… .right there… .right there right there yes… .yessssss… … .yes… .oh God… ‘ I put my hands under her buttocks and lifted her up, driving my tongue hard against her sensitive clit. A few more seconds of forceful licking brought her over the edge, and with a final moan, her hips began to lift. A small stream of her juices flooded my mouth, and I swallowed the sweet and tangy liquid. Her extended climax started in her abdomen, causing her to rise up off the bed slightly, before the waves of pleasure reached her legs and she began to buck. She finally lay still as I kissed her lips one last time. I could feel the heat rising off her thighs, and as I moved up the bed to be next to her I. He and Jason were frequently opposite on issues, and although Simon tried not to talk about it too much, sometimes he couldn’t help it. Jason tended to take a difference of opinion as a personal offence. Presumably Simon had questioned Jason’s position on something, and Jason had responded by ceasing communication. He got over it, but Simon had learned the best thing to do was apologize—which he had—and then wait for Jason. Ah, family, he thought, all dysfunctional in their own way, like Tolstoy said. The only thing wrong with dinner was that Lydia took any opportunity to get Ben and Connie talking together. That had made Simon not a little jealous, although he didn’t say anything. Still, he thought it was rude, to be encouraging someone’s girlfriend to pay attention to another man when her boyfriend was right there. After all, Simon thought, she doesn’t know we’re pretending. Connie and Ben noticed it, too. They rolled their eyes and chatted when directed, but would soon fall back.


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