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*** When we return, he sends me to get washed again and instructs me to expect my punishment when I am done. I am nervous about what he will do to me but I am glad that he sees fit to deal with my behaviour. He is serious about me being the best slave I can be and I want to live up to that. I enter the bedroom on my hands and knees and approach him where he stands by the window. "Yes?" he asks. I look up at him, my dark eyes serious. "Master, I am here for my punishment." "One that you are sorely in need of." He looks so disappointed in me, it hurts. "Please Master, I just want to make up for it." "You are to receive a thorough spanking, slave," he informs me. "Get up on the bed." I look over and see pillows stacked up in the middle. Obediently, I climb onto it and lie down, so that my head is at the end of the bed and my bottom is held up high over the pillows. My master starts to secure me, tying rope around each wrist and ankle and attaching me to each bedpost. All the while he. Smiling at her, he invited her in. Rufus then took a seat on the sofa in his lounge and asked Cathy to stand before him. After placing his hands behind his head, Rufus leaned backward and commenced staring at her with a look of total wonderment in his eyes.Next, Rufus told Cathy to unbutton her dress. After doing so gingerly, her dress fell to the floor. Cathy wasn’t wearing a bra and seldom did. Her tits were very perky and Rufus’ eyes spun with horniness as he focussed on them. Rufus then lustfully glanced over her entire body with an ever broadening smile. When his eyes finally focussed on her white panties he moved his body forward. After extending his right arm, his middle finger slipped into the top of her underwear and snaked its way down to her pussy lips.As the top of his finger nestled on her vulva, Rufus began to gently push the finger into her puffy folds. Once his thick digit had snuggled into her snatch, he looked up to see that Cathy’s mouth had opened, as she emitted.


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