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“I, yes,” he said a little embarrassed.She smiled, “Come get it then, come explore.”He hesitated for a few long moments then stepped towards her, looking up into her bemused expression as his hands found the clasp of her jeans, his own cock now soft between his thighs as his fingers, nimble and delicate opened her jeans and slid them down her thighs, her panties following with them to reveal her own cock, springing free, hard and excited. He blushed in surprise as he realised he had been bigger than her, his fingers reaching out to curl around her cock as she kicked her pants free of herself.“How's it feel?” She asked gently as he just felt and explored the feeling of her cock.“Like… Like my own, but a little smaller, a little… Better.”She smirked, “You like the feel of someone else's cock in your hand over the feel of your own cock?”He nodded a little, “Is… Is that weird?”She smirked, “Nothing we do tonight will be weird. We’re just having fun…”He smiled a little, “Okay. So uh… What. The young boy, not realising the strangeness of these bullets, did what he’d done since the beginning. He spun his staff infused with wind energy and prepared to deflect the bullets. However, when the first bullet connected with his staff, he was blasted off his feet as if he’d been struck by a bus.Following this, the next bullet grazed past his shoulder as he was in the air and a current of electricity filled his body, stunning him instantly.The next bullet seemed to simply shatter on impact with his chest and suddenly released a huge concussive blast and raging inferno of flames, shooting the boy into the ground with a great deal of force. Although the boy had managed to protect himself with his earth energy, the concussive force and the collision with the ground both caused his body to ache and he even felt a rib fracture.Finally, the last bullet, which had only been a back-up in case the boy managed to block the others, continued on and collided with the distant invisible arena.


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