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"Come here, my love," I said, and gently put an arm round her heaving shoulders. She stiffened, tensed for a moment, and I gave her a reassuring squeeze, perching myself on the edge of the seat in what I hoped would feel to the girl like a temporary, non-threatening position. Finally, she relaxed, and leaned against me, and buried her wet little face in my shoulder, not sobbing any more, but crying out loud now, like a hurt child. Which she was.I just let her go right on and cry, patting her shoulders gently. I was conscious of the warmth and closeness of her gigantic breasts, which pressed themselves softly and heavily against me as I perched on the settee beside her. I was also afflicted by another sensation, entirely unwelcome and inappropriate. I adjusted the position of my leg to ease the situation, and hoped she wouldn't notice. I hated to think what might happen if she did notice even an average-sized erection. As it was, if she wanted to, she could have me locked up right now. She was doing a certain dance where she would shake around for a couple seconds the dip her butt back. I was fortunate to be close to her when she started her little dance. At first she had bumped her butt into mine. Now I was facing the other way and every couple seconds she would dip back and her butt would fall into my crotch for a half second.Each time she would bump into me it would make my dick get harder and harder. She had an amazing body to go along with an insane rear end. As I examined her more waiting for my next courtesy bump she would give me I noticed her dress was really really short. I bit my lip and decided this is the one. I'm going to try and get freaky with her.I slowly moved closer to her and felt her bumps up close. The woman's bumps continued at the same pace despite obviously feeling that someone was standing right behind her.As I got closer to her she looked over her shoulder to see who she was now bumping up against. I made eye contact with her and gave her.


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