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Chapter 7 While Michael was navigating the yacht, and Patricia and Elizabeth (Now Patty and Beth) were sunbathing, William was catching a number of ahi ahi tuna and one sizable grouper for their lunch and dinner. The girls, as well as the men, would need to adapt to a steady fare of food from the sea. And today William was extremely fortunate to catch the delicious bounty that he had caught. He would even be able to freeze most of it for future meals. William had decided to filet the grouper and make grilled steaks for lunch along with grilled asparagus and glazed carrots. Two bottles of pinot noir had been placed in the fridge at the same time the cooking had begun. Lunch would prove quite an aphrodisiac to the girls since their meals always included the drugs that brought about a sexual arousal and a desire to stay with their captorswhom the girls now all considered their masters. Life was indeed good on the seas for Michael, Charles, and William. The girls felt as if they had won. It therefore seemed to meunlikely that my father was in any way connected to the incident.Mother nodded half-heartedly, a sign she had some doubts about myassessment.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////A few days later Rima explained to me that there were many men and evensome women who were willing buyers of candid photos of ordinary younggirls at play and in other situations. Especially sought after werephotos in which a casual observer might be treated to a glimpse ofpanty.My facial expression must have been incredulous because Rim smiled,gave me a big hug and remarked "You really are a babe in the woods."There was no repeat of the incident or any like it for a very longtime.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////It was more than coincidence that Rima began tutoring me in how to sitlike a lady, how to get in out of car clad in a skirt or dress whilemaintaining modesty. She was so effective a teacher that I began.


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